Cohorts Overview

At All Things SaaS, we have three cohorts with each of them running anywhere between 4-6 weeks. 

Our sessions happen on weekend mornings (mostly Saturdays). After considering your application, you will be added to a Whatsapp group along with other learners in your cohort. During the Cohort duration, we will use the Whatsapp group to keep you posted, address clarifications, and share relevant resources. 

Each Cohort will begin with an impromptu orientation to connect with fellow learners followed by the actual sessions. 

Here’s an overview of the Cohorts we are currently handling – you can apply to the Cohorts from

SaaS 101 is the perfect platform for anyone looking to get a foundational understanding of the SaaS Ecosystem.

  • An introduction to SaaS
  • SaaS markets and a B2C parallel
  • Functions in a SaaS company
  • A deep dive into GTM functions
  • Tech stack overview

Ideal for: Graduates, Professionals who do not have prior SaaS experience and want to make a career transition 

SaaS Marketing covers how Marketing works in SaaS companies with deep dives into different functions in Marketing.

  • An introduction to SaaS Marketing
  • Deep-dive into content marketing
  • Deep-dive into product marketing
  • Deep-dive into demand generation
  • Key performance indicators
  • [Bonus] Tech stack and marketing automation
Ideal for: SaaS professionals who want a comprehensive understanding of Marketing, Marketing professionals who want to make a career transition into SaaS, Anyone who has taken SaaS 101 

This is an advanced cohort giving a walkthrough of how Growth works in SaaS with sessions around  revenue generation and user acquisition.

Phase 1 – An introduction to SaaS Growth 

  • What is growth?
  • Product Market Fit (PMF) 
  • The elements for growth
  • Why growth as a function is required? 
  • Roles in a Growth team
  • [Bonus] Growth team structure
  • Growth Ops
  • Growth Metrics

Phase 2 – Building a growth engine for SaaS. Proven strategies

  • Building a data hub
  • A holistic approach to growth
  • Strategies: Product adoption
  • Strategies: New revenue generation
  • Strategies: Recurring revenue generation
  • Strategies: Cross-sell and up-sell
  • Strategies: Reactivating churned customers 

Ideal for: SaaS professionals who want to understand the Growth function, Anyone who has taken the SaaS 101 or SaaS Marketing sessions