Hear from our Alumni

All things SaaS is the place to go, for anyone to get a booster crasher into the mechanics of SaaS world. Focused interactive sessions, master classes are great. The cohort approach helps you in collective learning. Instead of getting lost in the ocean of web, knock on ATS’ door for a bioscope view into SaaS. This was one of the most useful levers in my seamless transition from being a Management consultant to taking up a leadership role in an enterprise SaaS company.
Radhakrishnan Ravi
Director Operations, Vymo
All Things SaaS is doing something special for the Indian ecosystem. They have a big vision and are passionate about the space. They want to make an impact. If you have a growth mindset and are an enthusiastic, serious learner, then sign up!
Kritika Kulshrestha
Global Marketing and Communications Manager, Vymo
The All Things SaaS team stumbled into SaaS a few years back and now wish to make the journey smoother for those looking to build a career here. If you’re someone who’s in awe with the ecosystem, ATS is the best place for you to start learning.
Ida Jessie Sagina
Demand Gen and Growth, Freshworks
As someone coming from a teaching background and making an important career transition into SaaS, I was searching for good material on the ecosystem. That is when I came across All Things SaaS. The sessions were highly insightful and structured in a way that facilitated comprehensive understanding even for anyone without any prior knowledge about SaaS.
Dr. K. Suresh
Software Engineer, Dataflo
The ATS team did an amazing job of pulling in great case studies and examples of growing Saas companies and spoke about different Growth Strategies. They are doing something truly unique and their sessions are especially useful for those new in the SaaS space. Their cohorts are small and accurately paced- perfect for people with full-time jobs!
Vageesha Sharma
Associate Marketing Manager, Innovaccer
I absolutely loved the All Things SaaS sessions. Mukil and Krishna break down and explain the concepts in detail making it easier for everyone to understand. If you are keen on taking a step into the world of SaaS, All Things SaaS is the best place you can start from.
Varkha Israni
Conference Director, Independent Consultant
All Things SaaS enabled me to understand the the whole ecosystem in a super beginner friendly way. The sessions were purposeful and hardly ever overwhelmed me. The pace of the delivery was thoughtfully planned and executed.
Shreevidhya Ravi
Senior Associate, Gnothi Seauton
As a professional who knew very little about SaaS when we started, I do feel more confident now about the ways & works and the potential this space offers. All Things SaaS has been a great experience! I now have some good amount of learnings about SaaS and a fair share of thoughts to ponder over.
Navani Satija
Interactivity Manager (OTT), Sony Pictures Networks India
Before ATS 101, I only knew the full form of SaaS (that too after a quick google search). After ATS 101, I can confidently say I understand SaaS, its growth, and the mental models to succeed in the space. The team is knowledgeable and customized the learnings to the group’s needs. Excited for the next steps!
Aruna Chawla
Founder, Salad Ultra-Thin Condoms