About Us

Mukil Ganesan

Mukil Ganesan started his career in 2016 as a Marketer at Zoho – having built and scaled data-driven growth engines for SaaS products, he has since moved into the Growth function and currently works as a Demand Gen and Growth Specialist at Facilio, an Enterprise B2B SaaS startup in Chennai. 

Mukil is specializing in the $1 to $10M journey of early stage startups working primarily on the marketing funnel, pre-sales, and post-sales fronts that will directly impact the revenue line. 

Mukil has also authored two eBooks on SaaS: The Elements of Growth and A Holistic Approach to SaaS Growth where he details the role and importance of Growth functions in SaaS startups.

Krishna Srinivas V

Krishna started his career in 2018 as a content writer at Klenty, a B2B SaaS startup in Chennai and has held different roles with marketing and product, specializing in SaaS copywriting, User experience, and blogging. 

Krishna also runs a podcast called The Takeaway Club™, where he talks to interesting people across eclectic fields of life – some of his past guests include Deepak Mehta, Roshan Cariappa, JPK, Sairam Krishnan, Hari Ganapathy among others.