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Why we're building All Things SaaS?

Software as a service (SaaS) is one of the fastest growing industries both globally and in India. It is also one of the newest industries, and was virtually non-existent until the late 1990s!
Being a new domain and growing at breakneck speed 🚀 has put SaaS at an unusual position – where there are so many great opportunities but not enough individuals who are aware of the wonderful world that awaits to reward their skills and talents.
At ATS, we want to provide a window into the world of SaaS; and in the process, guide them through the ABCs which will help them build a career in SaaS.

Who we are?

We are just two guys who were fortunate enough to stumble our way into the SaaS ecosystem and now looking to build a road that will make your SaaS journey a little more comfortable.

How Does It Work?


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At ATS, we take in a small group of learners in each Cohort – whether you are a student, early-stage professional in SaaS, someone looking to make a transition into SaaS or simply anyone who is curious about SaaS; you are welcome to apply. You can learn more about the program and apply below.


Take our Assessment Call

Our program has been meticulously crafted to give maximum visibility and individual attention to every learner and only a small group are admitted into each Cohort – to ensure this, we connect with all applicants over a 20-minute call where we understand the applicants’ interests, why they want to attend the program, as well as walking through how our Cohorts are set up. 


Join the

If you have been invited to the program, you will receive further communications on the schedule of live mentor sessions, other resources to learn from, etc.


Graduate from
the Cohort

At the end of the program, you will graduate from ATS with a certification – during this time, you can also connect with the mentors for 1:1 sessions for guidance, learn about career opportunities and more.

Wonderful World of SaaS awaits you.

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Hear from our alumni.

All things SaaS is the place to go, for anyone to get a booster crasher into the mechanics of SaaS world. Focused interactive sessions, master classes are great. The cohort approach helps you in collective learning. Instead of getting lost in the ocean of web, knock on ATS’ door for a bioscope view into SaaS. This was one of the most useful levers in my seamless transition from being a Management consultant to taking up a leadership role in an enterprise SaaS company.
Radhakrishnan Ravi
Director Operations, Vymo

The ATS Team had stumbled their way into SaaS and wished to make the journey smooth for those looking to build a career (or) are just awed by SaaS. If you’re someone who’s fascinated by the thriving SaaS world then ATS is the best place to start learning.
Ida Jessie Sagina
Demand Generation and Growth , Freshworks
All Things SaaS is doing something special for the Indian ecosystem. They have a big vision and are passionate about the space. They want to make an impact. If you have a growth mindset and are an enthusiastic, serious learner, then sign up!
Kritika Kulshrestha
Global Marketing and Communications Manager, Kroll

Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone! At ATS, we want to make SaaS accessible to as many learners as we can – whether you are a student in your final year of undergrad, a professional who is just starting out your career in SaaS, someone looking to make a career transition from other fields to SaaS and don’t know where to begin; Our program is open to anyone with curiosity and the passionate to succeed in SaaS.

NO. All Things SaaS is founded on the vision of two guys who are grateful for the opportunities we got in SaaS to kickstart our career and this platform is just way our way of saying thank you to the ecosystem.
All Things SaaS is a 100% Free-for-All platform for anyone who wants to learn and grow in SaaS.

We see ATS as Khan Academy for SaaS – 100% free. The catch is, we don’t make any promises – like job offers, or becoming the best at a particular function in SaaS. We’ll do our best to pass on whatever we have learned in our time working in SaaS. We’re just enablers to make your journey in SaaS a little smoother. Everything else is up to your efforts and passion to shine here : )

Take the leap

Wonderful World of SaaS awaits you!